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3... 2... 1... Lift off!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Our first blog post is here! We've recently launched our pilot trials, and we'll be posting here regularly to keep everyone updated on our progress. Several other exciting things have happened too in the past few months - here’s a quick run-through of what we’ve been up to.


We have a home…finally!

We've traded the coziness of Tanjong Rhu for the hustle and bu

stle of Singapore’s very own “Silicon Valley” – the JTC Launchpad. Being in close proximity to Spring Singapore, VCs and incubators provides a perfect environment for Zeemart at this stage of our business. Do visit us if you’re in the area and we’ll buy you a kopi!


Standing out from the outstanding

Touted as one of the best tech conferences in Asia, Tech in Asia was held in Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore from 16 – 17 May 2017. We exhibited on Day 1, and the team was very quickly put into action. Fortunately, pitching duties were shared equally amongst us, with an endless stream of investors, partners and visitors coming by the booth to learn more about Zeemart.

Tech In Asia 2017

Though exhausting, it was extremely fruitful as the interest and responses we received gave us strong validation that we’re on the right track. The icing on the cake was receiving the good news that we were one of the top 4 startups that stood out in Day 1!


Our pilot launch

We are proud to announce that our pilot went live in April!

After months of development and testing, Zeemart is being used in a real environment by actual users! Inevitably, we encountered a couple of hiccups at the start, but since then, performance results have been more than satisfactory, with our users fully converting all their purchasing through the app.

“The Zeemart team is super dedicated in getting the platform problem-free. They’re always responsive and always on top of any issue that arises. That's very assuring for me as a chef.” Jeremy Cheok, Head Chef at Garang Grill

Garang Grill is New Ubin Seafood's dream turned reality of what a really great neighbourhood grill looks and tastes like, made possible in collaboration with Chef Jeremy Cheok (Slake). As the name suggests, Garang Grill offers fierce, bold charcoal flavours that is uniquely Singaporean.


Back to school

The team participated in the Restaurant Association of Singapore’s inaugural Hackathon that was held at SMU from 8 – 9 May 2017. Besides coming up with ideas to solve the industry’s pressing challenges, we also got up-close and personal with F&B owners to get their candid views on what issues they faced, and what could be done to help them.


Official Zeemart t-shirts giveaway!

Win yourself a spiffy ZeeTee (see what we did there?) by filling in this form with your name,

organization, title and t-shirt size. Hurry, only the first 100 entries qualify!

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