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Here's how Zeemart helps F&B businesses to stay ahead

We at Zeemart are proud to announce that we have been featured by, as the frontier of startups in Singapore.

Helming the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) scene here in Singapore, Zeemart has worked with IMDA to launch the F&B Go Digital Programme, encouraging digitisation amongst F&B businesses to build profitability.

That’s not all that’s in store for us.

The Market Readiness Assistance Grant will give assistance to businesses when they venture abroad, opening up the market for our local SME, not just limited to F&B businesses.

“Fundamentally, when you have embraced digital, you become a lot more productive.” Zeemart's CEO, Neeraj Sundarajoo

From accessing data that you’ve never seen before to faster invoice processing, unlocked business potential becomes so much wider.

Check the video out to see what more lies in store for SMEs like us!

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