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Improved invoice uploads in the Zeemart app

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Users will now upload invoices per order, which will significantly improve the tracking of invoices and reduce accidental mistakes such as duplicate uploads.


Video (30 secs)

Upload flow

1. Tap the ‘Upload’ button in Invoices

2. You’ll see a list of recent orders - select ‘Upload’ next to an order

3. Take a photo of the invoice(s) for that order and upload the image

4. Once uploaded, the order will be removed from the list 😎

Tighter process = Fewer mistakes

Here's how the improved flow will benefit you.

Reminders for pending uploads We'll tell you when there are orders without any uploads

Overview of upload status for all orders Easily check every order for any uploads or linked invoices

Rectify rejected uploads quickly Upload again for the same order with the handy 'Delete & reupload' feature

Already uploading invoices while receiving orders?

Don’t worry, you can continue using the same method! Invoices uploaded from the GRN page will be automatically linked to orders.


If you have any questions about this feature, please contact the team using the in-app live chat or email us at

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