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Inspiring entrepreneurs of today at Successpedia’s Days of Tomorrow

As an entrepreneur, you may have many questions and doubts about what it takes to be a successful start-up. This is where Successpedia comes in by introducing panellists and speakers consisting of veteran and new business owners up on stage to share some of their successes and failures. For the 2nd edition of their “Journey To Success: Days of Tomorrow” held at Gather Cowork, we have been given the opportunity to share our thoughts on start-up and entrepreneurship with a list of other panellists in their own rights.

Among the panellists are Rina Loh, the Marketing & Sales Director of FoodZaps Technology, Fateh Ali, Co-founder & CEO of CollabDeen, and our very own Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Zeemart, Keith Tan. Desmond, the founder of Successpedia is the moderator for this session. Some of the pithy advice being shared is that as an entrepreneur and a problem solver, you should be looking for solutions to problems instead of looking for problems to your solutions. This applies when building your business or products.

“Under promise, over deliver”

This is what Keith has to say when it comes to competition. Just like our focus in Zeemart, emphasis on quality and service is very important to us.

It has always been our privilege to share and hear the journey of fellow founders, the values we hold dear to, and the motivation to do what we do. All the best to those who have attended this event and continue innovating!

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