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Money FM 89.3 Radio Interview: Zeemart Cares for Migrant Workers

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

With the news of Zeemart’s Deepavali celebration with Singapore's unsung heroes - the migrant workers, Money FM 89.3 was intrigued to find out more about how the idea was conceived. The team was joined by co-founder, Keith Tan, and our Head of Talent and Vibe, Beena Natarajan as our representatives.

After seeing the struggles faced by migrant workers, the team at Zeemart knew that they wanted to give back and the perfect time to do it would be during the holiday season of Deepavali.

The two sat down with Claressa Monteiro to discuss how the event was made possible with the help of our staff, partners, and friends and how their interactions with the workers impacted everyone who participated.

We were lucky to have been part of such an opportunity and would like to thank Money FM 89.3 for hosting us and allowing us to share our experience on this project.

As per Money FM 89.3:

“On the Soul of Business, Keith Tan, Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer, Zeemart and Beena Natarajan, Head of Talent and Vibe, speaks on Zeemart's new initiative and their work in the realm of corporate social responsibility.”

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