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New policy for WhatsApp order notifications

We’re updating our policy on WhatsApp order notifications to your suppliers.


For those who are currently notifying suppliers using email, rest assured that this will remain unchanged.

However, from Thursday, 1 September 2022 onwards, we will disable WhatsApp order notifications to most suppliers, unless WhatsApp is the only notification method for the supplier.

Existing notification methods per supplier

Changes under the new policy

Email only

No change

Email & WhatsApp

WhatsApp numbers will be disabled

WhatsApp only

No change

Why are we making this update?

Over time, WhatsApp has imposed increasingly stricter policies with regard to the usage of their services and the types of messages that can be sent.

Due to the risk of disruptions from WhatsApp’s ever-evolving policy changes, we recommend you use more reliable notification methods such as email or the supplier app where possible.

What will happen on 1 September 2022?

Affected businesses will be asked to review the order settings before they can place orders. Ordering will remain disabled until the settings have been verified.

To prevent this from happening, please use the time between now till 1 September to check the existing order notification settings and remove any WhatsApp numbers if possible.


Use the Zeemart Supplier app to continue receiving push notifications

The FREE Zeemart Supplier app is available for iOS/Android phones. Suppliers receive push notifications whenever new orders arrive and they can also acknowledge your orders using the app.

Simply ask your suppliers to fill in this form and we will share the login instructions with them.

Or share this link:



How can I check my current order notification settings?

You can check the settings on the app or the Buyer Hub:

  • Mobile: Go to a supplier’s market list and tap the “i” button on the top right of the screen.

  • Buyer Hub: Go to “Outlets” > “Actions” > “View suppliers” > “Actions” > “View supplier settings”.

Still need to keep a WhatsApp number for some suppliers?

To do this, you must enable the WhatsApp option when prompted to review the settings. You can only save 1 number per supplier.



If you have any questions about this, please contact the team using the live chat feature or email us at

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