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Supplier app June 21' updates!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Here's a round-up of what's new in our latest release of the Supplier App (version 1.02).

1 . Tracking your sales goal

Here's a nifty little feature. You can now track how well you're doing against your sales target. Tap "Set a goal", select the period and then input the amount. This will then be reflected in a chart on the dashboard whenever you log in. (Note: Currently this setting has to be set per user account by the user themselves.) Learn more on how you can set and remove a goal.

2 . Get help or customer support

Feeling unsure and need some assistance? Start a chat with our customer support directly from the app. Tap 'Account' on the bottom menu where you'll have 2 options: a) Help - Browse our Support articles b) Ask Zeemart - Chat with our support team Read more about how you can get help or support by using the supplier app.

3 . Product codes are now listed

Product codes are now listed below SKU names while creating orders so you now have another way to identify items.

Download it from the App Store or Google Play!

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

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