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The Straits Times: Helping South Korean firms go global - via Singapore

From our recent trip to South Korea, we have had the privilege to get a first-hand view of how similar the challenges are for their F&B industry compared to what we have here in Singapore. The article from Straits Times summarises the growth of the start-up space in both Singapore and Korea. Plus, it highlights how the introduction of the Korean Start-up Centre (KSC) in Singapore will enable more collaborations between the start-ups of both countries.

As per the article, “Foodtech start-up Zeemart, for one, is keen to introduce its digital procurement platform to South Korean food giants such as bakery chain Paris Baguette. Zeemart chief product officer Keith Tan told ST that the firm's solution can help small food business owners save the hassle of managing finances and allow them to focus on food quality.”

Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for more updates!

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