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New: Fill orders to par, record inventory with multiple units and more.

We’re kicking off 2023 with some updates, here's what we've rolled out:

  • Fill orders to par to avoid over ordering and ensure sufficient stock quantities on-hand.

  • We've now enabled greater flexibility to record inventory with multiple UOMs.

  • Not only that, we've heard your feedback and have added a feature to save your partially completed stock count as a draft.

  • Lastly, users can now mark orders that do not require any invoice uploads.

Keep reading to find out more.


Fill orders to par to avoid over-ordering

We understand that over-ordering can happen frequently, leading to unnecessary costs and waste. How can this be avoided you ask?

If you have inventory and Abacus POS integrated, you can now easily fill your order to the par level. This ensures that you have just the right amount of inventory on-hand.


Record inventory with multiple units

With this update, you can now enter quantities in UOMs other than the inventory UOM. This provides greater flexibility in tracking and allows you to better customise your inventory management. Gone are the days when time is spent on those UOM conversions!


Save a draft of an incomplete stock count

We’ve heard you and made doing stock count drafts available! Save your partial stock counts and return to it at a later time. Avoid losing progress and ensure better accuracy with your counts.


Skip invoice uploads when not needed

Orders that don’t require any invoice uploads pile up and are left untouched on the invoice upload page. You can now mark orders that do not need invoice uploading, helping you to maintain a cleaner page.


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