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New: Recipe maker, expense categories & quick price editing

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It's almost the end of the year now - here's a summary of our latest product updates:

  • Tracking food costs is now easier with the new Recipe maker feature.

  • Users using the Xero or QBO integration will be happy to know there's now an option to map each item to a different Chart of Account/Category by using the 'expense categories' feature.

  • Other than that, we've also added a quick way to edit item prices.

Keep reading to find out more.


Track food costs with the Recipe maker

Build the recipes for your menu items on the Buyer Hub and we'll automatically update the food cost percentage whenever the ingredient prices are updated on the market list.

But that's just the start... With future releases, we're planning to include a POS integration, allowing automatic inventory depletion by utilising the information from your recipes.


Map each item to a different COA on Xero/QBO

Previously, our Xero and QBO integrations only allow you to do Chart of Account mapping per supplier, not per item. Many customers have asked for the feature to do item-level mapping, and we're happy to now support this feature!

To do this, assign an expense category to each item and map these categories to Xero/QBO. Click the button below to see how to do it.


Edit prices while ordering

Sometimes the market list may be slightly out-of-date and is still showing prices from a week ago while the supplier has just informed you this morning that prices have gone up (or down) starting today.

Well, now you can make sure you're always ordering at the latest prices by editing it while ordering. It's easy - just click the price on the market list to start editing (only available on the Buyer Hub).


See invoice rejection reasons with fewer taps

On the mobile app, we used to only tell you the rejection reason once you get to the image details screen. It's a tap too many, we know. With the latest update, the rejection reason is directly shown on the list of rejected uploads in 'Invoices'.


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