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We've Levelled Up! (and so have you)

Updated: May 15, 2019

We’ve beefed up our Buyer Hub with new features that help you to be more efficient and organised. Kitchen ERP has never been this easy.

Simply login to to access the Buyer Hub. Oh did we mention that this upgrade is free?

See more. Do more.

See more on a bigger screen. 

No more second guessing at the numbers. Our desktop dashboard gives you a wider overview of your outlet's data. Learn More

Connect to your accounting software. 

Stay on top of all your finances and accounts by integrating all your invoices from Zeemart into QuickBooks & Xero. Learn More

Easily manage your users.

Create and manage account details such as user profile information with ease within your restaurants. Learn More

Automate your orders.

Set up standing orders with the ‘Recurring Order’ feature and let our system automatically schedule your orders at pre-configured intervals. Learn More

Smarter bulk approval.

Review and approve all orders to the same supplier from different outlets on one screen. Learn More

Get detailed reporting.

Take it a notch higher from the dashboard view with more detailed reporting on your spendings per outlet/ supplier/ SKU as well as your invoice variances. Learn More

Download receiving lists.

Retrieve the list of items pending for receiving so that you can cross-check what has been delivered and what has not been delivered across outlets. Learn More

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