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Zeemart Celebrates the New Year with a Special Guest

Last week, Zeemart welcomed the Lunar New Year with the sound of lion dance drums, Lo Hei and a very special guest, Mr Teo Ser Luck.

We were glad to have Mr Teo Ser Luck over at the Zeemart office to share his vast experiences from politics, to being the driving force for startups in Singapore.

"I do not complete, I compete." This quote made by him, resonates with Zeemart's mantra. He emphasised on the importance of staying positive during hardships, how he juggles his work and personal time.

After the inspiring speech was the energising performance by the Lion Dance troupe from Singapore Polytechnic. Their enthusiasm could be felt throughout the whole office as their performance went on. The sounds of their drum could still be heard days after the celebration.

Then came the end of the day with everyone partaking in a Lo Hei session, securing Zeemart an abundance of wealth and fortune. :)

Check out the highlights of our celebration below!

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