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Zeemart Goes to SG:Digital Industry Day!

Zeemart is honoured to be one of the companies present at SG:Digital Industry Day with many others on the 21st of May at Suntec Convention Centre. We are glad to be able to present alongside others whose efforts have worked together with ours to help in transitioning Singapore’s landscape to respond to the demands of our digital world.

Communications and Information Minister S. Iswaran was present at the event, and our CEO Neeraj was able to share with him how Zeemart will help F&B businesses go digital. He agreed that Zeemart has a vital role to play in the Singapore Government’s e-invoicing framework. This will be a starting point for end-to-end digitalisation of businesses.

The gains from e-invoicing would help businesses strengthen their competitiveness in a rapidly digitalising marketplace; by reducing operating costs, speeding up business transaction, and minimising disputes by reducing errors. This is a vastly different method from what is currently being used, whereby we utilise digitised invoices (PDF/Word/scanned invoices) which require some level of human input to process.

Here are some images of our Zeemartians at the event!

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