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Zeemart launches Zeemart VDR, a Visualisation & Data Analytics Report for the F&B industry

The service utilizes “MotionBoard”, Japan’s top BI dashboard, from the Tokyo-based WingArc1st Inc.

The launch of Zeemart VDR is the first step in the new business alliance between Zeemart and WingArc1st Inc. “MotionBoard” is WingArc1st’s business intelligence (BI) dashboard that holds the largest share of the Japanese market [1].

Focusing on Singapore’s food and beverage industry, Zeemart’s mission has always been to reduce the cost of goods by addressing the asymmetry in information accessible to suppliers and buyers. The company participated in the first phase of the Accelerator Program [2] launched by WingArc1st in 2021, which became the catalyst for this alliance.

About Zeemart VDR

Zeemart customers will now have access to richer data dashboards to better manage and optimize their F&B business. Key business metrics such as food costs, food price movements, supplier spending and more will be visualized in interactive charts, providing operators with the ability to monitor procurement activity accurately and easily.

Spending dashboard (Sample)

Supplier report (Sample)

Item report (Sample)

Find out more about Zeemart VDR at



Taisuke Asada, Executive Officer & Head of Global Business, WingArc1st Inc.:

“We are very excited to collaborate with Zeemart, an alumnus of the WingArc Accelerator Program, and bring our data visualization technology and highly differentiated solution to the ASEAN market. Zeemart is an innovator in F&B procurement, and we are confident that our partnership, including our technology contribution, will enable both companies to grow together in the ASEAN market.”

Neeraj Sundarajoo, CEO & Co-Founder, Zeemart Pte Ltd:

“The WingArc1st Accelerator Program was truly a partnership that has helped us catalyse our vision of providing rich insights using data to improve the bottom line of businesses in F&B. We are excited to be the first to provide such an offering in the market in partnership with WingArc1st.”

About Zeemart

Zeemart (Headquarters: Singapore) was founded in 2017 as a food and beverage procurement cloud-platform in Singapore. The company helps builds food supply chains through its mobile applications. Zeemart is one of Singapore’s fastest growing startups and was selected as “20 Hottest Startups of 2019” by the Singapore Business Review.

About WingArc1st Inc.

WingArc1st Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) develops solutions that hold the largest share [1] of the Japanese market in the data-empowerment fields of form solutions and business intelligence. The company have positioned the expansion of the overseas business as one of their growth strategies, and have strengthened their business in the ASEAN region by opening a subsidiary in Shanghai, China in 2009, a subsidiary in Singapore in 2014, and a subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia in 2017.


*1 Source: ITR Market View: DBMS/BI Market 2021, Data analysis/reporting market: Sales and market share trends of vendors

*2 WingArc1st is scheduled to launch its next Accelerator Program in April, 2022. For details, visit

Download the press release (PDF)

Press_release_Zeemart_WingArc1st_1 Mar 2022
Download PDF • 592KB

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