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Zeemart Summit 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Singapore, Medan, Jakarta and Chennai - all 4 of Zeemart's offices came together on the 30th of January 2019 at the Singapore Swimming Club for Zeemart Summit 2019.

It was a special occasion for all of us. Held over 2 days, this was a great opportunity for us to huddle and plan for the year ahead. Our highlight of the day was having the team members from all 4 offices converge in Singapore to discuss, share, and present ideas around this year's theme of 'Hypergrowth'. We've uncovered unique ideas during the presentation and we see great potential in bringing them to life.

Some of the team members even showed off their talent in singing during a karaoke session towards the end of the day. Tummies were filled with delicious food while the room was filled with smiles and laughter.

The goals are set and the teams are eager to further better the everyday lives of chefs and people in F&B industry. If you're an F&B operator, get ready to hear about "Zeemart"!

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